Nakhwał'in eenjit shòo ihłįį.

Shoozhri' Evon Peter oozhii. I am a student of the Gwich'in language. Sheek'aii Hishinlai' Peter, instructor of diiginjik at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and I are collaborating to help make the language more accessible to learners through this site.

Want to thank Hishinlai' and a few of my other teachers from over the years; shitsuu Katherine Peter gaa vakwaa, Lillian Garnett, shahan Adeline Peter Raboff, Caroline Frank, Mary Groat, ts'a' Allan Hayton.

You can search for words in either English or Gwich'in (need to include tone, nasal, ł, and glottal markings). Or you can search by category in the word practice.