Dog Commands

łąįį - dog
aanąįį - come here
dhindii - sit
dak nindhat - stand up
geedhant’aii - lay down
dachan tsal - stick
oo’ee neiinchii - give it to me (fetch)
needįįnhaa - spin around
neech’in’aa - you eat
ach’ahał’aa - I will feed (an animal)
shilik - my dog

Shilik ach’ahał’aa - I will feed my dog

To be Drinking

shinįį - I am drinking
ninįį - you are drinking
dinįį - s/he is drinking
tr'iinįį - we are drinking
khwinįį - you all are drinking
giinįį - they are drinking

Jidìi ninįį? - What are you drinking?
Lidii dhah shinįį - I am drinking hot tea.

Chųų giinįį - They are drinking water.

To be Sick

dhałts'ik - I am sick
dhahts'ik - you are sick
iłts'ik - s/he is sick
tr'iłts'ik - we are sick
dhohts'ik - you all are sick
giłts'ik - they are sick

Neenjit dôonch'yaa? - How are you doing?
Dhałts'ik. - I am sick.

Shichì' nąįį giłts'ik. - My daughters (from father) are sick.


Grandma to grandchild
shitseii - my grandchild
nitseii - your grandchild
vitseii - her grandchild
diitseii - our grandchild
nakhwitseii - you alls grandchild
gootseii - their grandchild

Grandfather to grandchild
shikyuii - my grandchild
nikyuii - your grandchild
vikyuii - his grandchild
diikyuii - our grandchild
nakhwikyuii - you alls grandchild
gookyuii - their grandchild

From grandmother
Shitseii, neet'ihthan. - My grandchild, I love you.

From grandfather
Shikyuii, lafoo inlįį kwaa. - My grandchild, don't be a fool.


ahtsin - it is raining
ahshii - it is snowing
aht'raii - it is windy
gwîink'oo - it is cold
gwîindhaa - it is hot
gwit'eh goo'aii - it is cloudy
gishreiin'aii - it is sunny

chiitąįį - outside

Chiitąįį dôonch'yaa? - How is it outside?
Chiitąįį ahtsin. - It is raining outside.
Gishreiin'aii - It is sunny.
Chiitąįį gwîink'oo - It is cold outside.


Mom's side of the family
shee'ii - my uncle
nee'ii - your uncle
vee'ii - his/her uncle
diinee'ii - our uncle
nakhwee'ii - you alls uncle
goovee'ii - their uncle

Dad's side of the family
shitii - my uncle
nitii - your uncle
vitii - his/her uncle
diitii - our uncle
nakhwitii - you alls uncle
gootii - their uncle

James vee'ii tr'igwidii. - James' uncle (on mom's side) is sad.

Susan vitii idluu. - Susan's uncle (on dad's side) is cold.

Diinee'ii vik'įį gwànlįį. - Our uncle (on mom's side) is angry.


Mom's side of the family
sheek'aii - my aunt
neek'aii - your aunt
veek'aii - his/her aunt
diineek'aii - our aunt
nakhweek'aii - you alls aunt
gooveek'aii - their aunt

Dad's side of the family
shitsųų - my aunt
nitsųų - your aunt
vitsųų - her/his aunt
diitsųų - our aunt
nakhwitsųų - you alls aunt
gootsųų - their aunt

Neek'aii gwànlįį? - Do you have any aunts (on your mom's side)?
Aaha', sheek'aii gwànlįį Hannah ts'a' Bessy goovoozhri'. - Yes, I have aunts, their names are Hannah and Bessy.

Shitsųų shôo nilįį. - My aunt (on father's side) is happy.

To be Sad

tr'igwihdìi - I am sad
tr'igwindìi - you are sad
tr'igwidìi - s/he is sad
tr'igwiridìi - we are sad
tr'igohdìi - you all are sad
tr'igwigwidìi - they are sad

Nijyaa tr'igwidìi? - Is your friend sad?
Aaha', shijyaa tr'igwidìi - Yes, my friend is sad.

To be Tired

cheeshandak - I am tired
cheenandak - you are tired
cheendak - s/he is tired
cheerandak - we are tired
cheekhwandak - you all are tired
cheegandak - they are tired

Cheenandak? - Are you tired?
Aaha', cheeshandak. - Yes, I am tired.

Shachaa nąįį cheegandak. - My young brothers are tired.

To be Eating

ch'ih'àa - I am eating
ch'in'àa - you are eating
ch'a'àa - s/he is eating
ch'ara'àa - we are eating
ch'oh'àa - you all are eating
ch'aga'àa - they are eating

jidii - what
nilįį gąįh - dry meat

Jidii in'àa? - What are you eating?
Nilįį gąįh ih'àa. - I am eating dry meat.

To be Silly / Crazy / Foolish

lafoo ihłįį - I am being silly
lafoo inlįį - you are being silly
lafoo nilįį - s/he is being silly
lafoo tr'inlįį - we are being silly
lafoo ohłįį - you all are being silly
lafoo ginlįį - they are being silly

Lafoo inlįį kwaa - Don't be a fool.

Shitsuu, khit lafoo tr'inlįį - Grandma, we're always crazy.

To be Angry

shik'įį gwànlįį - I am angry
nik'įį gwànlįį - you are angry
vik'įį gwànlįį - s/he is angry
diik'įį gwànlįį - we are angry
nakhwik'įį gwànlįį - you all are angry
gook'įį gwànlįį - they are angry

Nahan vik'įį gwànlįį? - Is your mom angry?
Akwaa, shahan vik'įį gwànlįį kwaa. - No, my mom's not angry.

To be Hungry

shizhit gwiłts'ik - I am hungry
nizhit gwiłts'ik - you are hungry
vizhit gwiłts'ik - s/he is hungry
diizhit gwiłts'ik - we are hungry
nakhwizhit gwiłts'ik - you all are hungry
goozhit gwiłts'ik - they are hungry

Shitsii, nizhit gwiłts'ik? - My grandfather, are you hungry?
Aaha', shizhit gwiłts'ik - Yes, I am hungry.

Nigii nąįį goozhit gwiłts'ik? - Are your children hungry?
Akwaa, shigii nąįį goozhit gwiłts'ik kwaa. - No, my children aren't hungry.

To be Scared

naljat - I am scared
nanjat - you are scared
naajat - s/he is scared
tr'ąąjat - we are scared
noojat - you all are scared
gąąjat - they are scared

Shachaa, nanjat? - My younger brother, are you scared?
Ahaa' shoondee, naljat. - Yes my older brother, I am scared.

Diitsuu, tr'ąąjat. - Our grandmother, we are scared.

To be Hot

nihthaa - I am hot
nindhaa - you are hot
nindhaa - s/he is hot
tr'indhaa - we are hot
nohthaa - you all are hot
gindhaa - they are hot

Nohthaa? - Are you all hot?
Aaha', tr'indhaa. - Yes, we are hot.

Nindhaa? - Are you hot?
Nihthaa kwaa. - I'm not hot.


shinich'it - my girl
ninich'it - your girl
vinich'it - his/her girl

Ninich'it gwànlįį? - Do you have a girlfriend?
Shinich'it gwànlįį, Sarah voozhri'. - I have a girlfriend, her name is Sarah.


shidinjii - my man
nidinjii - your man
vidinjii - her/his man

Nidinjii gwànlįį? - Do you have a boyfriend?
Shidinjii gwànlįį kwaa - I don't have a boyfriend.


shakąį' - my husband
nakąį' - your husband
vakąį' - her/his husband

Shakąį' George voozhri' - My husband's name is George.

Sarah vakąį' Sean voozhri'. - Sarah's husband's name is Sean.


sha'at - my wife
na'at - your wife
va'at - his/her wife

Jii t'ee sha'at Shawna. - This is my wife Shawna.

John va'at Dorothy voozhri'. - John's wife's name is Dorothy.

To be Cold

ihdluu - I am cold
indluu - you are cold
idluu - s/he is cold
tr'idluu - we are cold
ohdluu - you all are cold
gidluu - they are cold

Neenjit dôonch'yaa? - How are you doing?
Ihdluu. - I am cold.

Shijuu nąįį gidluu. - My little sisters are cold.