Mom's side of the family
sheek'aii - my aunt
neek'aii - your aunt
veek'aii - his/her aunt
diineek'aii - our aunt
nakhweek'aii - you alls aunt
gooveek'aii - their aunt

Dad's side of the family
shitsųų - my aunt
nitsųų - your aunt
vitsųų - her/his aunt
diitsųų - our aunt
nakhwitsųų - you alls aunt
gootsųų - their aunt

Neek'aii gwànlįį? - Do you have any aunts (on your mom's side)?
Aaha', sheek'aii gwànlįį Hannah ts'a' Bessy goovoozhri'. - Yes, I have aunts, their names are Hannah and Bessy.

Shitsųų shôo nilįį. - My aunt (on father's side) is happy.