Older Sister
sheejii - my older sister
neejii - your older sister
veejii - his/her older sister
diineejii - our older sister
nakhweejii - you alls older sister
gooveejii - their older sister

Younger Sister
shijuu - my younger sister
nijuu - your younger sister
vijuu - his/her younger sister
diijuu - our younger sister
nakhwijuu - you alls younger sister
goojuu - their younger sister

Nakhweejii veenjit dôonch'yaa? - How is you alls older sister?
Diineejii shòo nilįį. - Our older sister is happy.

Nijuu gwànlįį? - Do you have a younger sister/s?
Shijuu gwànlįį kwaa. - I don't have a little sister.