To be Hungry

shizhit gwiłts'ik - I am hungry
nizhit gwiłts'ik - you are hungry
vizhit gwiłts'ik - s/he is hungry
diizhit gwiłts'ik - we are hungry
nakhwizhit gwiłts'ik - you all are hungry
goozhit gwiłts'ik - they are hungry

Shitsii, nizhit gwiłts'ik? - My grandfather, are you hungry?
Aaha', shizhit gwiłts'ik - Yes, I am hungry.

Nigii nąįį goozhit gwiłts'ik? - Are your children hungry?
Akwaa, shigii nąįį goozhit gwiłts'ik kwaa. - No, my children aren't hungry.