To be Sick

dhałts'ik - I am sick
dhahts'ik - you are sick
iłts'ik - s/he is sick
tr'iłts'ik - we are sick
dhohts'ik - you all are sick
giłts'ik - they are sick

Neenjit dôonch'yaa? - How are you doing?
Dhałts'ik. - I am sick.

Shichì' nąįį giłts'ik. - My daughters (from father) are sick.

To be Sad

tr'igwihdìi - I am sad
tr'igwindìi - you are sad
tr'igwidìi - s/he is sad
tr'igwiridìi - we are sad
tr'igohdìi - you all are sad
tr'igwigwidìi - they are sad

Nijyaa tr'igwidìi? - Is your friend sad?
Aaha', shijyaa tr'igwidìi - Yes, my friend is sad.

To be Tired

cheeshandak - I am tired
cheenandak - you are tired
cheendak - s/he is tired
cheerandak - we are tired
cheekhwandak - you all are tired
cheegandak - they are tired

Cheenandak? - Are you tired?
Aaha', cheeshandak. - Yes, I am tired.

Shachaa nąįį cheegandak. - My young brothers are tired.

To be Angry

shik'įį gwànlįį - I am angry
nik'įį gwànlįį - you are angry
vik'įį gwànlįį - s/he is angry
diik'įį gwànlįį - we are angry
nakhwik'įį gwànlįį - you all are angry
gook'įį gwànlįį - they are angry

Nahan vik'įį gwànlįį? - Is your mom angry?
Akwaa, shahan vik'įį gwànlįį kwaa. - No, my mom's not angry.

To be Hungry

shizhit gwiłts'ik - I am hungry
nizhit gwiłts'ik - you are hungry
vizhit gwiłts'ik - s/he is hungry
diizhit gwiłts'ik - we are hungry
nakhwizhit gwiłts'ik - you all are hungry
goozhit gwiłts'ik - they are hungry

Shitsii, nizhit gwiłts'ik? - My grandfather, are you hungry?
Aaha', shizhit gwiłts'ik - Yes, I am hungry.

Nigii nąįį goozhit gwiłts'ik? - Are your children hungry?
Akwaa, shigii nąįį goozhit gwiłts'ik kwaa. - No, my children aren't hungry.

To be Scared

naljat - I am scared
nanjat - you are scared
naajat - s/he is scared
tr'ąąjat - we are scared
noojat - you all are scared
gąąjat - they are scared

Shachaa, nanjat? - My younger brother, are you scared?
Ahaa' shoondee, naljat. - Yes my older brother, I am scared.

Diitsuu, tr'ąąjat. - Our grandmother, we are scared.

To be Hot

nihthaa - I am hot
nindhaa - you are hot
nindhaa - s/he is hot
tr'indhaa - we are hot
nohthaa - you all are hot
gindhaa - they are hot

Nohthaa? - Are you all hot?
Aaha', tr'indhaa. - Yes, we are hot.

Nindhaa? - Are you hot?
Nihthaa kwaa. - I'm not hot.

To be Cold

ihdluu - I am cold
indluu - you are cold
idluu - s/he is cold
tr'idluu - we are cold
ohdluu - you all are cold
gidluu - they are cold

Neenjit dôonch'yaa? - How are you doing?
Ihdluu. - I am cold.

Shijuu nąįį gidluu. - My little sisters are cold.

To be Happy

shòo ihłįį - I am happy
shòo inlįį - you are happy
shòo nilįį - s/he is happy
shòo tr'inlįį - we are happy
shòo ohłįį - you all are happy
shòo ginlįį - they are happy

Neenjit dôonch'yaa? - How are you doing?
Shoo ihłįį. - I am happy.

Nizhehk'aa nąįį gooveenjit dôonch'yaa? - How is your family doing?
Shizhehk'aa nąįį shòo ginlii. - My family is happy.