Grandma to grandchild
shitseii - my grandchild
nitseii - your grandchild
vitseii - her grandchild
diitseii - our grandchild
nakhwitseii - you alls grandchild
gootseii - their grandchild

Grandfather to grandchild
shikyuii - my grandchild
nikyuii - your grandchild
vikyuii - his grandchild
diikyuii - our grandchild
nakhwikyuii - you alls grandchild
gookyuii - their grandchild

From grandmother
Shitseii, neet'ihthan. - My grandchild, I love you.

From grandfather
Shikyuii, lafoo inlįį kwaa. - My grandchild, don't be a fool.


Mom's side of the family
shee'ii - my uncle
nee'ii - your uncle
vee'ii - his/her uncle
diinee'ii - our uncle
nakhwee'ii - you alls uncle
goovee'ii - their uncle

Dad's side of the family
shitii - my uncle
nitii - your uncle
vitii - his/her uncle
diitii - our uncle
nakhwitii - you alls uncle
gootii - their uncle

James vee'ii tr'igwidii. - James' uncle (on mom's side) is sad.

Susan vitii idluu. - Susan's uncle (on dad's side) is cold.

Diinee'ii vik'įį gwànlįį. - Our uncle (on mom's side) is angry.


Mom's side of the family
sheek'aii - my aunt
neek'aii - your aunt
veek'aii - his/her aunt
diineek'aii - our aunt
nakhweek'aii - you alls aunt
gooveek'aii - their aunt

Dad's side of the family
shitsųų - my aunt
nitsųų - your aunt
vitsųų - her/his aunt
diitsųų - our aunt
nakhwitsųų - you alls aunt
gootsųų - their aunt

Neek'aii gwànlįį? - Do you have any aunts (on your mom's side)?
Aaha', sheek'aii gwànlįį Hannah ts'a' Bessy goovoozhri'. - Yes, I have aunts, their names are Hannah and Bessy.

Shitsųų shôo nilįį. - My aunt (on father's side) is happy.


shakąį' - my husband
nakąį' - your husband
vakąį' - her/his husband

Shakąį' George voozhri' - My husband's name is George.

Sarah vakąį' Sean voozhri'. - Sarah's husband's name is Sean.


sha'at - my wife
na'at - your wife
va'at - his/her wife

Jii t'ee sha'at Shawna. - This is my wife Shawna.

John va'at Dorothy voozhri'. - John's wife's name is Dorothy.


Older Sister
sheejii - my older sister
neejii - your older sister
veejii - his/her older sister
diineejii - our older sister
nakhweejii - you alls older sister
gooveejii - their older sister

Younger Sister
shijuu - my younger sister
nijuu - your younger sister
vijuu - his/her younger sister
diijuu - our younger sister
nakhwijuu - you alls younger sister
goojuu - their younger sister

Nakhweejii veenjit dôonch'yaa? - How is you alls older sister?
Diineejii shòo nilįį. - Our older sister is happy.

Nijuu gwànlįį? - Do you have a younger sister/s?
Shijuu gwànlįį kwaa. - I don't have a little sister.


Older Brother
shoondee - my older brother
noondee - your older brother
voondee - his/her older brother
diinoondee - our older brother
nakhwoondee - you alls older brother
goovoondee - their older brother

Younger Brother
shachaa - my younger brother
nachaa - your younger brother
vachaa - his/her younger brother
diichaa - our younger brother
nakhwachaa - you alls younger brother
goochaa - their younger brother

Nachaa gwànlįį? - Do you have a younger brother/s?
Aaha', shachaa gwànlįį Odin ts'a' Hassan goovoozhri' - Yes, I have younger brothers, Odin and Hassan.

Sally voondee Gerald oozhii. - Sally's older brother is Gerald.


Father to son
shidinjì' - my son
nidinjì' - your son
vidinjì' - his son

Mother to son
shizhuu - my son
nizhuu - your son
vizhuu - her son

To a male only
Nidinjì' gwànlįį? - Do you have a son/s?
Aaha', shidinjì' gwånlįį. - Yes, I have a son

About a female only
Heather vizhuu Tom oozhii - Heather's son is Tom


Father to Daughter
shichì' - my daughter
nichì' - your daughter
vichì' - his daughter

Mother to daughter
shiyeets'ì' - my daughter
niyeets'ì' - your daughter
viyeets'ì' - her daughter

To a woman only
Niyeets'ì' gwànlįį? - Do you have a daughter/s?
Aaha', shiyeets'ì' gwànlįį. - Yes, I have a daughter.

About a man only
David vichì' Sally oozhii. - David's daughter is Sally.


shigii - my child(ren)
nigii - your child(ren)
vigii - her/his child(ren)
diigii - our child(ren)
nakhwigii - you alls' child(ren)
googii - their child(ren)

Jùu vigii inlįį? - Who's child are you?
Shiyehghan nąįį Adeline ts'a' Ernest goovoozhri' - My parents are Adeline and Ernest.

Nigii gwànlįį? - Do you have any kids?
Shigii gwànlįį. David ts'a' Sally goovoozhri'. - I have kids. Their names are David and Sally.


shitsii - my grandfather
nitsii - your grandfather
vitsii - her/his grandfather
diitsii - our grandfather
nakhwitsii - you alls grandfather
gootsii - their grandfather

Nitsii veenjit dôonch'yaa? - How is your grandfather doing?
Shitsii veenjit gwinzii - My grandfather is doing well.

Nitsii voozhri' doozhii? - What is your grandfather's name?
Shitsii Gideon oozhii - My grandfather is called Gideon.


shitsuu - my grandmother
nitsuu - your grandmother
vitsuu - his/her grandmother
diitsuu - our grandmother
nakhwitsuu - you alls grandmother
gootsuu - their grandmother

Nitsuu doozhii? - What's your grandma's name?
Shitsuu Ch'eelil oozhii - My grandma is called Ch'eelil

Diitsuu veenjit dôonch'yaa? - How is our grandma doing?
Diitsuu shoo nilįį - Our grandma is happy


shitì' - my father
nitì' - your father
vitì' - her/his father
diitì' - our father
nakhwitì' - you alls father
gootì' - their father

ti'yaa - my father (alternate version, with affection)

Nitì' doozhii? - What's your dad's name?
Shitì' Mike voozhri' - My dad's name is Mike

Nakhwitì' veenjit dôonch'yaa? - How is you alls father doing?
Diitì' veenjit gwinzii - Our father is doing good


shahan - my mother
nahan - your mother
vahan - her/his mother
diihan - our mother
nakhwahan - you alls mother
goohan - their mother

Nahan doozhii? - What's your mom's name?
Shahan Clara voozhri'. - My mom's name is Clara.

Vahan doozhii? - What's his mom's name?
Vahan Debbie voozhri'. - His mom's name is Debbie.